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How to prepare for kindergarten and primary school interviews in Hong Kong

One of the best ways to secure either the preschool of primary school of your choice in Hong Kong is to nail those interviews, something which is sadly much easier said than done. After all, everybody is trying to get through those interviews, and the best schools only have a limited amount of places at their disposal. In this article I want to share with you a couple of thoughts on how, with the right processes, get that interview perfect and to get your child into their selected school.


Before you start preparing for those interviews you need to put a bit of work into choosing the correct school for your child. As you are probably aware, interviews happen over a couple of days, which means it is highly likely your child will be bouncing from one interview to another. This is something that needs to be avoided, after all, your child simply won't have it in them to perform the best in every single interview that they attend. You will therefore need to carefully select schools. Try to find ones that match up with your child's abilities, be honest with yourself, basically, you want to find the best couple of schools that match what your child can already do. This is undoubtedly be the longest process of them all, but it is also the most important.


Now, when it comes to the pre-interview you want to give your child the encouragement to succeed, but you don't want to be piling on all of that pressure. That is the shortest way towards letting your child fail. Your child will most likely try their best anyway, and putting on too much pressure will probably end up being detrimental to the interviewing process, and this is of course going to lessen your chances of your child being accepted. The teacher is going to understand that the child is only young, so do let them go with the 'flow'. The teachers are after natural ability after all, not something you have forced upon your child.


Before the interview you may want to send your child to a couple of classes in order to boost their proficiency in whatever the selection criteria is. For example, if the school is looking into language proficiency, then you really should send your child to a few language classes or activities. You will be surprised at just how effective this will end up being. Make sure you have a couple of weeks to do this, trying to cram everything into the days before the interview will probably be detrimental. There are specific classes out there which are designed especially for children that are going to be tackling interviews, so do try and opt for those ones as they will help the child run through any techniques that they need as well.


On the day of your interview, make sure the child has everything that they need to succeed. This means all relevant paperwork, the school should have told you what you need beforehand. At the minimum it will be school reports, passports and a proof of address. Prepare this a couple of days in advance so you know that you have everything to hand.


On the day of your interview, don't seem so stressed. Instead, continue to offer positive encouragement to your child. Don't ask them what the teacher asked, instead, seek encouragement that they answered questions and participated in activities with their peers. You don't want to be piling on too much pressure after all! There will be times when the child needs to go to a different part of the school from you, just offer them encouragement before they leave i.e. wish them luck.


Once the interview is complete, it is a waiting game. Some schools may take a while before they tell you whether your child has been accepted or not. If they have, then you can be relieved! If they haven't, then don't hesitate to ask the teachers what went wrong, that way you can improve the next time!


In summary, please don't try to make the interviews stressful, this is going to be detrimental. Just offer the child as much encouragement as you can.

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