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How to teach sense of responsibility to your child

Far too many children nowadays are not being taught a sense of responsibility by their parents. This of course is going to have effects later on in their life where they will not be able to accept responsibility for situations that they create. You don’t want your child to make excuses throughout their life for what they have done, this isn’t going to do anybody good. So this article is going to be highly beneficial to you, it will teach you exactly how to go about teaching your child responsibility.

The first tip I can offer is to get your child started on ‘helping’ activities when they are young, this will help them build ‘confidence’ for later on in their life and this of course will lead to responsibility. Don’t reward your child though; this isn’t a good thing to do. Rewards will cause a child to focus on what comes at the end of the activity rather than the ‘benefits’ of the activity, and this will just end up being a negative on their development.

You should use natural consequences if they make a mistake. For example, if they end up losing an item constantly you may need to teach them to ask to borrow one or to buy a new one. They need to realise that you aren’t always there to ‘bail them out’ and this in turn will lead to responsibility.

You should point out whenever you see your child being responsible, this in turn will motivate them to do the right thing later on. You will also want to have regular chats with your children about the importance of being responsible, if you can demonstrate responsibility in your regular life that that is much better. Children model their behaviour on parents, and thus if they see them being responsible, it is much more likely that they will do the same things and act in the same way.

If you are discussing responsibility on a regular basis (as you should be!), then you may want to incorporate role play into your activities.  This is sort of a ‘training’ to be responsible. Here you can talk to your child about how they are expected to act in certain situations, or you can just go with the flow and let them act out themselves, you can always correct if they make a mistake.

I know many people frown on this, but you should give your child an allowance at an early age. This will teach them financial responsibility. It is key for them to not be bailed out with extra money if they run out. You will quickly notice that they learn their lesson about when to spend their money and when to save it for other things.

Use just a few of these tips and you will be well on your way to developing your child in a way where they don’t make excuses, but they end up taking responsibility for mistakes that they have caused, and end up developing as a result of this.


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