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Improving communication between father and son

As technology has advanced, communicating on a personal level is slowly declining.   Everyday an increasing number of people are using their time on their smart phones, netbooks, laptops and so on. Technology per se isn't the problem, but it is an unfortunate and sad when the only way we can correspond together with our children is by means of an iphone and can no longer have a personal conversation with no technology involved.  To reverse this problem what actions can we take as moms and dads?

Below is a list of suggestions to help you as a father to better connect with your son in this technology loving age.  These tips would also be applicable for daughters as well.

TALK routinely about anything and every little thing that they are feeling or doing.  Discuss things you understand he is thinking about, particular things that have actually occurred to him today.   Using questions starting with how and why often will be the most effective.  However additionally resolve widening what he cares and thinks about by asking questions about the world.  . Utilize these conversations to impart an altruistic outlook of seeing other individuals and helping others and the how to properly use will power, genuineness, and cheerfulness ... bearing in mind that, the lessons that come from you are the very best instructor, exactly what you talk about does  have an effect even though it might not be apparent at the time.

DO ACTIVITIES TOGETHER. Become an integral component of your child's individual interest. Research on what they like to do and their sporting activities if you are not completely familiar with them.  Get involved in the activities which you believe will best match them. Do activities that involve two such as making a model plane, building a toy chest, etc.

INCLUDE YOUR SON on jobs around the house:  gardening, recurring maintenance repairs and projects.   Provide your son a job to do which he can do at his age; help him with the difficult parts. Offer motivation and direction. Do not discourage his interest by telling him this task is dangerous. Figure out what he is able to do.  This task doesn't need to be a big task.   You can ask him to hand you tools when you are fixing a leaky faucet.

GO ON CAR RIDES WITH YOUR SON.  This involves more than going shopping.   Go on routine journeys (weekend bowling for example where you have a routine talk).  This one might be hard because many men use car rides as an escape for quiet time.

PRAY WITH HIM at bed time. Start off when he is as young as possible when he's a toddler if you can. Use the chance to construct a regimen of having a talk every evening prior to him going to sleep.

CORRECT HIM IF HE DID SOMETHING WRONG very calmly and discuss the reasons why. This is congruent with being a firm father who enforces a fitting penalty or sanction for misbehavior. Attempt to be constant with your wife your choices and punishment.  Use the chance that mistakes by your son offer to find the root cause to help your son build his character


Do not feel dissuaded or beat if you're not currently doing this.   Nobody is perfect.   The most important thing is you start these tasks and keep on doing them.  . It benefits our kids to see us attempting and often falling short but trying once again.   It would truly be beneficial for you as a father if you could share exactly what you will do to nurture communication for yourself to and from your children.

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