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Is pre-School really necessary

Parents face the dilemma when a child transforms from a toddler to a little kid if they should attend pre-school or wait for schooling when they are ready to attend kindergarten.  There are pros and cons to either decision and this article is here to help the reader make an informed verdict for what is best for the child as well as right for the parent.

Some parents want to enjoy as much time with their child as possible because when they start attending school there is much less time for bonding.  While others want their child to socialize with others their age and at the same time have a little free time to get things done. 


A Child Who Doesn’t Attend Pre-school

Parents must be aware when children start attending pre-school at the age of 3 or 4, they are extremely curious and can get bored quite easily.  My best friend Mindy faced this decision a few months ago and decided that she wanted to spend as much time with her daughter as possible before attending school.  Mindy is married and works part-time out of her home as a systems analyst, and her work schedule is flexible and she works when her daughter Rebecca takes naps or has some play time.

Mindy and Rebecca are extremely happy with the situation now but it was trying at the beginning.  Mindy misjudged the difficulty of handling Rebecca as a small child because when she was a toddler she was much better behaved.  Nonetheless, Mindy has adjusted and gives Rebecca many school activities to do and she is well advanced her age and can beat most 7 year olds in academic competitions.  Mindy also takes Rebecca to the park to play with her friends.  Rebecca is a happy, smart and a well adjusted 4 years old who is looking forward to attending kindergarten next year.

A Child Who Attends Pre-School

In contrast I have another friend named Gina who put her 4 year old, Doug into pre-school.  Gina didn't have much of choice because of her family situation.  Gina is also married but the recession has hit her family hard and she just found a new full time job.  Because of the financial situation Gina didn't have a real choice in the matter.  She confided in me that she was 50/50 on if she had the option if Doug would have attended pre-school or stayed home.  For Gina pre-school is necessary.


Doug is an average boy who always liked physical activity more than reading books.  His adjustment was rough because he didn't have the best social skills.  However, after a few months of attending pre-school he is much friendlier to both children and adults outside his immediate family.


How to Decide?

Pre-school is necessary for some children and not necessary for others.  It first depends on the financial situation of the family.  If there is no one to take care of the child in the daytime then pre-school is a great option.  If on the other hand there is a parent, grandparent or other family member at home then it may not be necessary.  Then the decision comes down to how well the child's social skills and learning abilities.  If the child can benefit from outside factors than pre-school is necessary.  But if they are doing well then they can wait until kindergarten to start attending a structured school environment.

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