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Know more about child's emotional development

One of the most critical developments in your child's life is their emotional development. Contrary to popular belief, this is something which happens rather quickly. However, you do need to be aware that no child is born being able to control their emotions, and that is what I want to take a little look at in this article. I want to run you through the emotional development of a child.

Before we jump in though, maybe we should consider a little bit about what we mean by emotional development. Well, to put it in the simplest way possible, we mean the ability of a child to identify what they are feeling, and perhaps more importantly why. We also want them to develop empathy for somebody else. This is all going to lead to perfect relationships. Don't worry if you find the emotional development of your child slow, it is something that they are going to be developing for many years.

One of the most vital parts of the process is the ability of the child to manage their own feelings. As you know, children cannot do this early in their life. As a parent you should know this, after all, how often have you had to calm your child down to no avail?

One of the problems in the early life of the child is the fact that both behaviour and emotions are going to be linked. If a child is unable to take control of their emotions then the behaviour can be altered. This means that a child doesn't really know what they are doing, and probably why. You may have encountered this in the form of a temper tantrum.

As the child gets older they will start to control their own feelings more and more. This means that rather than have outbursts, they will be using words to describe exactly how they are feeling. This ultimately means that it will be far easier to control how they are feeling, and perhaps more importantly for the parent, be able to calm themselves down.

One of the key things in the emotional development of the child is the relationship that they have with their parent. As you know, the majority of what children learn in their lives will be from people that surround them. Their emotional development is going to happen by looking at the way in which their family express their emotions, and they will copy. Hence why if adults express their emotions in violent ways, children are likely to do the same. Therefore as a parent you have a great responsibility on the emotional development of your child.

There are plenty of things you can do to assist in the emotional development of your child. I am sadly unable to cover everything, but you will need to teach your child that they need to respect other people's feelings, you need to ensure that the environment they are in is calm, and of course, you need to teach them about how to express their own feelings, perhaps through words rather than random outbursts.

Of course, this is just a very basic guide to the emotional development of a child, I promise you though, as bad as it may seem right now, your child will improve, and they will feel great as a result.

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