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Meditation For Positive Frequency (From a Qualified Yoga Practitioner

                             Meditation for Positive Frequency


This meditation is useful for achieving sense of self fulfilment, invoking love for yourself and attracting love and compassion from others.

It does this through creating the frequency on which love is going in your direction. Mentally, it re-paves your neurological pathways in a more self accepting, calm and wholesome direction and essentially restructuring the sub-conscious mind to be in harmony with the self, as opposed to having a constant agonising battle between two polarities and contrasting parts of the self. When all parts of the self are in harmony there is no internal conflict and no internally invoked suffering.

Through changing and encouraging your own frequency to be more loving toward yourself, it automatically triggers the same response in others.  So then, when you have mastered the art of self love (not to be mistaken with superficial ego and narcissism, but rather a true compassion for the self), it is immediately obvious to the subconscious mind of people around you, that you enjoy yourself and so by proxy they also are put on that frequency, through vibration and subtle signals of body language and facial expression.. This happens mostly on a subconscious level, as in the reaction will mostly take place in others without their conscious consent but more as a natural reaction to your frequency and aura.

It works from the basic philosophy of 'If you do  not love and accept yourself, why and how could you ever expect others to love and accept you', 'If you do not enjoy your own company, why and how do you expect others to do so'.



Lack of acceptance of the self, has proven again and again to be the core cause for many different types of neurosis and psychosis, It leads to many negative things like guilt, anger, shame which will ultimately lead to things such as emotional instability, dependency, addiction, need for compensation and so on. That is why this cognitive practice is so effective, because it addresses the route cause for self-damage.

When practiced properly and regularly it results in an immediate uplift of emotions, and with long-term practice you may experience sudden spurts of ecstasy and with long-term and regular practice of part 2 & 3, within three to four months or so, actual results manifest and you find yourself surrounded by your ideal company.

Emotions become more stable and the mind becomes a playground and a tool, more so than a prison.


This meditation should be practiced whenever possible, in any kind of free time, throughout the day whenever it occurs to you.

At minimum it should be practiced for 15 minutes in the morning just after waking up, and for as long as possible before falling asleep at night.

Minimum one hour a day. No maximum, the more it is practiced the faster and more intense the result becomes.



Part One



Begin by sitting or laying in a comfortable position.


Make whatever adjustments necessary now, as throughout the meditation there should be as little movements as possible to maximise concentration and relaxation.


Close your eyes

Let you surroundings melt away, as you bring all of your attention into your internal self (everything within the layer of skin)


(Physical layer)

Notice first, the rate of your natural breath, how it feels to breath at the body's natural pace,

Notice the rate of the heart, feel the pulse happening in as many places as possible.

Notice the natural rhythm of the body.

Notice how the entire body is feeling

Inhale : you feel the body expanding like a balloon

Exhale: you feel the body relaxing down

More and more with each breath.  do this for a minimum of ten breaths, depending on time available.

When you have developed an awareness towards the body, and you are experiencing how the body feels, Begin accepting how it feels,

Begin to enjoy the very sensations of existence.

Relishing is each moment, in each breath.


(Emotional Layer)

Now that your awareness has penetrated through the physical self, expand your awareness to the emotional realm.

How are you feeling?

Calm? Tense? Sad? Angry? Happy? Neutral? Shameful? Guilty? Depressed? etc....

Really take a few moments to feel and truly experience every emotion that may come and go. 

(Feeling emotions prevents emotional repression which can lead to subconscious clutter)

By feeling your emotions, you do not need to feed them, or intensify them, just accept that this is how you are feeling at this moment in time.

 Linger neutrally in the feeling, as if you are in the background watching the emotion happening, a mere witness.

(When you do this practice with neutrality you often find that good feelings naturally intensify and bad feelings naturally disappear after some time).




(Mental Layer)


Now that your awareness has penetrated your emotional layer, expand your awareness to your mental layer.

Notice any thoughts that you are experiencing,

(The aim is to have a clear mind, but naturally thoughts will come and go. Do not become angry or frustrated as it is completely natural, just take note of the thought and let it go.

you should be like a cat at a mouse hole, awaiting the next thought and remaining aware).


Take a mental note of any reoccurring thoughts as it may be your subconscious giving you a messages.




Part Two




Begin to stimulate the feeling of love, feel love to the deepest intensity possible.

It can help if you think about someone who you unconditionally love, a friend, family member, child or animal. Feel a deep sense of love and compassion toward them and intensify the feeling of love. Feeling that you accept all their wrong doing and wish happiness for them.

Feeling that you would be unhappy if you knew they were suffering.

Continue intensifying the feeling until it becomes real.

Imagine what you would say to them to comfort them if you saw them crying.

Now imagine that person is you, continue feeling love toward yourself, continue wishing yourself happiness and feeling compassion toward yourself.

Intensify, Intensify.


Now picture yourself, how you would like to be.

Picture yourself right in front of your minds eye.

Imagine yourself as happy and as empowered as you could ever possibly be.

Picture what clothes you'd be wearing, what your face would look like, what your aura would feel like. Ultimate happiness, in your most positive state possible.

Intensify, intensify.

When you have developed a clear image, step into yourself. Feel as though you are now that model of yourself. Perfect, happy.

Now, expand wishes of well being towards all beings, extend your compassion for all beings.



Part Three

Attraction Frequency


Begin to think of yourself, through the eyes of someone who loves, accepts and enjoys you.

Think, if you were someone else, what would they like about you?

What are your best characteristics? What would you like them to notice about you?

Go through what you would like them to see as your most obvious and best characteristics.

Spend some time making lists, and visualise it in any way you can.

Somebody seeing it

Saying it

Appreciating it

Intensify this feeling of worth.



Now, Imagine who it is. It doesn't have to someone you already know.

Visualize with great detail, what this person or persons is like.

What are they like?

What do you like about them?

What kind of relationship do you have with them?

The more vivid your visualization is, the more accurate the manifestation will become.

Intensify, Intensify.

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