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Reading process and research supported teaching strategies

Reading is possibly one of the most vital skills that a person is ever going to learn, there are just so many different benefits to it. Not only will it allow children to learn new words and situations which they may never normally come into contact with, but it also gives them a chance to escape into a brand new world, concoct fantastic images of that new world in their mind, and in turn boost creativity. So how can we teach our children reading in a way which will enhance their abilities? Let’s take a little look at some strategies used by teachers.

Perhaps the most important is to teach the child an appreciation for reading, and to get them more excited about reading, something which could be achieved in a number of different ways, this includes reading to a child frequently, allowing the child to choose their own reading material, and exposure to a number of different reading materials.

Most children that have difficulty in reading is down to the fact that they are unable to really ‘understand the words’. This is because they are unable to break down longer ones into pronounceable chunks because they simply do not have something called ‘Phonemic Awareness’. It is up to the teacher to try and combat this, and carry out teaching on the way that words can be broken down into sounds, and how these sounds can then go on to create many new words.

The whole thing surrounding reading is basically decoding the alphabet into their spoken sounds. This is taught over time, first starting with individual letters, then moving onto pairs of letters at a later date. As the child advances they can learn identification of groups of words much quicker into sound. Over time you will want to encourage the student to become even faster, so the ‘decoding’ process is something that happens automatically with no thought really about it. This only comes from practice after practice with the reading. Once a child is able to ‘decode’ the text automatically, it makes it much easier to begin comprehension of the story.

The student has to be able to ‘comprehend’ what is going on in the story; this is drawn from their background in the world, and the experiences they experience. A parent can help their children the ability to do this long before the child even gets around to reading for the first time. It is also ideal to read to a child in order to increase their reading comprehension.

There needs to be a consistent effort to teach a child new vocabulary, several thousand words during their first school years. After all, if you don’t understand a word you really won’t be able to comprehend the text well.

If you really want to teach a child to read however, there is one more thing that you need to do. That is to allow the child to express themselves through writing; after all, writing and reading go hand in hand. Through this process the child will find it much easier to comprehend what other people write.

If you follow just a few of these ‘proven’ techniques, you will find that a child’s ability to read rises sharply, even if the student was struggling in the reading process before. You do have to remember that each person is an individual though, so try to mess around with these techniques to find something that really does work.

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