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Reasons for telling stories to your child and practical techniques

Many parents seem to neglect telling their child stories, but did you know that failure to do so could actually be hampering their development? Once you know of the benefits of story telling you will want to ensure that you always make a little bit of time to tell a story to your child. This article will also cover some techniques which will ensure that the storytelling really has a lot of benefit on your child.

Did you know that storytelling will enhance the child’s ability to think about situations? You could always try discussing with your child what happened in a story afterwards. This will give them the ability to ask questions and formulate ideas about a story, you will be surprised at just how much discussion you will be getting out of just a small part of a book.

Listening to stories helps develop creativity in your child. After all, throughout the story they will have to image the settings, the characters and everything in their mind. You will be surprised at how many children can develop incredibly complex settings in their mind based on the story.

One of the key benefits of storytelling is that it helps the child be exposed to much more language. It is a great way to introduce words that are previously unfamiliar to your child. They will be in use in a ‘natural’ situation, and therefore your child is much more likely to absorb them and understand what they mean. However, you should always encourage your child to speak up if they do not understand a word, that way you can explain the meaning to them.

Listening to stories often helps develop listening and concentration skills in your child, therefore if you feel that it is something they lack, you could use ‘storytelling’ as a way of helping your child out.

If a child has been exposed to storytelling at a young age, then they will have already subconsciously understood the structures needed to formulate stories themselves, they will also have a good grasp of the language. In addition to this, their reading skills will be improved considerably and they will be able to deeply analyse a story rather than seeing it as simple words on a page.

If you are trying to teach specific behaviours to a child then a good technique is to find a story that promotes the desired moral. This is going to be incredibly beneficial to a child because it teaches them how to act in situations, and even recognise when they are behaving inappropriately.

It isn’t just reading books that you really want to do, instead you will want to break down that barrier and create your own stories through the power of your mind. This will strengthen the bond between you and your child and this really strengthens the message that you are trying to promote. If you are struggling with telling stories by yourself them you can use a common technique of reading though a story and highlighting the main points. You then connect these up using your own words. Participative story telling is also a fantastic technique for using with your child, as this really does help them get involved.

From time to time, rather than it being you telling the story, you may want your child to open up and either read or make a story up by themselves. A made up story is a fantastic way for a child to express their feelings, many of which remain hidden until we bring them up this way. Reading a story out loud will of course have benefits on their reading skills, although this is only really beneficial to children who are of a reading age.

As you can see, something as simple as reading a story, or even making up a story to your child for around 10 minutes a day can have a profound benefit on your child, don’t forget, it will even help increase the bond that the two of you share. 

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