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Teach children not to lie

All kids will undergo a stage where they lie especially during 2-4 years of age. We may have one worthy of a crown for lying, which is why it is imperative for you to teach your child not to lie.


How to Do It?


1. Be prepared for the task. Teaching a child not to lie is a challenging task therefore it is important that you are prepared for what is to come. You need to be diligent in recognizing the episodes of lying and not let it slide just because you find it cute or hilarious.


2. Always mention the truth when you caught the lie. This will give your child a learning example and standard so they will know the difference of what was being said or what actually happened. Teach them to be honest and present the truth by expressing it whether in words or in action. This will help them understand the two point of reference – catching their lies and knowing the truth.


3. Privileges must be removed or limited once caught. A small gesture of punishment like removing or limiting privileges is healthy. For instance, the child cannot go to a party since liars are not wanted in any party. If they tell the truth, they can attend the party because parties are more fun when attended by honest kids.


4. Let your kid tell you the truth face to face. This is especially true if you suspect your kid is telling a lie. Look them in the eyes and pay attention to body language especially if they’ve mastered telling a lie to your face.


5. Express your approval if in between lies your child speaks the truth. Tell your kid how much you appreciate hearing them say the truth to you. Do not be afraid to let them know your joy so that your child will know how you value the truth more than the lies.


6. Always be firm and strong. If the lying continues, always be strong and if there is company in the room get the child out of the room for a while so you can talk with him. Tell him that he is not welcome to enjoy with the company or join the fun if he tells lies. This is also a form of simple punishment to let the child know that you are serious in teaching him not to lie.


7. Withhold the child’s favorite desserts. If he keeps on lying, withhold his favorite dessert still asserting your consistency on the matter at hand.


8. Keep communications line open. Always sit with your child especially when caught lying and talk. You should keep the faith as you talk to him and tell him how nice he used to be. This allows your child to see your true passion and desire to teach him not to lie. Allow him to realize that you will be happy if he keeps being honest. And, let him know how happy you both were when he was only telling the truth.


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