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The Wrong Words!

There is something wrong with the words in each of the following sentences. Some are easy to spot; others may challenge you. Can you find all the mistakes?

1. With their special offer, you can benefit from complementary tickets to the London Film Festival.

2. I kept dreaming that my fingerprints came up in a crime investigation: my husband laughed and said I must have a guilty conscious.

3. The company has taken several misguided decisions, which have lead to the watering down of the Starbucks experience.

4. A recent survey among 256 divorced people asked the question, “What was the principle reason for your breakup?”

5. Most teachers claim the actual test is easier then the practice papers but I think they were definitely wrong this time!

6. During renovation, the common areas on the second floor got damaged by your builder and we demand that you ratify this situation immediately.

7. When travelling as a passenger in a car or bus, you should always wear a seatbelt, to insure that you will be safe at all times.

8. Johnny Depp is a very unique actor.

9. Honestly, the continual noise of the waterfall prevented me from sleeping.

10. After sniffing the hotdog, the vegetarian felt nauseous.

11. He’s always making predictions about the future.

12. I’m planning to write an autobiography about my life.

13. Having an Oxford degree is a necessary requirement for this job.

14. As of yet, nothing has changed.

15. He flaunted convention by wearing his hat in Church.


If you select me as a tutor, you can learn how to avoid all these mistakes!


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