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Tips of learning a new language easily

The Five Secrets to Easily Learning a New Language

Many people have spent years in class learning new languages.  But the problem is the only thing you learned was how to successful pass the class and never retained the content of the course.  Now that you are older and travel to different parts of the globe you regret not retaining what you supposedly learned.   Learning new languages seems like such a daunting task but would like to communicate with locals during your business trip or vacation. 

This was my train of thought in 2008 when I travelled to France and only understood 5 words.  However, today I can speak in French and talk with Parisians with no trouble at all.  And the best part is I got this done without ever taking one solitary language course.  Now let me go through the 5 steps to easily learning a brand new language without taking a language course.


1.  You Must Desire to Learn a New Language

Desire is the most important component in many things in life.  You want to do it and therefore you will do it.  The reason why you passed language classes in school but didn't retain anything is because you desired to get through the class with a passing grade, but could care less about retaining the language.  If you are motivated to learn and master a new language you will find a way to do it.


2. Only Concentrate Vocabulary and Forget Grammar

One of the biggest problems with language classes in school is they are so hung up on grammar that they bore the students which makes them tune out from learning the vocabulary.

You should focus 100% of your time learning the meaning of foreign words and the grammar will naturally follow.  Learning this way is much more efficient and enjoyable.  Even if you speak to locals with bad grammar they will still understand what you're trying to express.  And with the real world practice will help you become better with grammar.


3.  Learn the Most Used Words and Phrases

This goes along the same concept of forgetting about learning grammar at the beginning.  You should learn around 100 to 200 of these popular words and don't concentrate on words that you will hardly ever use.  Go by the 80/20 rule which where you teach yourself 20% of the vocabulary and you'll understand 80% of what locals are talking about.


4.  Learn Automatic Language at Home

Students in school who are serious about learning a foreign language study in a country where the language is spoken.  Immersing yourself in a language forces you learn how to read and speak that language.  In order to get around you need read signs on the street and speak with the locals.  You automatically adapt and learn because there is no other option except to learn.

Automatic language is much more difficult if you aren't traveling to the country with the language you desire to learn.  But you can do other things which can help.  You can listen to a TV station in that language, listen to a radio station and read newspapers in that language.  If you can't readily find these resources you can use the internet to bring the foreign language right into your home.


5.  Gradually Learn the New Language

It is very difficult to learn anything brand new in a short amount of time.  It is much easier to slowly immerse yourself in the new language and culture.  But the trick here is to do it on a consistent basis.  What is difficult for you on the 7th day is piece of cake on the 19th day. 


If you follow through on these 5 easy to follow steps you will learn and understand a new language fairly quickly.

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