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Tips to help your child memorize

It is important that you work hard to improve your child's memory early on in their life. In this article, I want to take a little look at ten of the best ways to improve your child's ability to memorize. Remember, not only is this going to improve your child early on in their life, but it will also work wonders for when they need to learn for the bigger exams later on in their life.


1. Music


One of the best ways to help your child's ability to memorize is to put whatever they need to learn to music. The rhythm pattern of the music helps to drill in what needs to be remembered much more effectively, and for me this is one of the 'top' ways to help a child memorize.


2. Memory Games


Says something out loud to your child, and then ask them to repeat it. Each time they get it correct, add a couple of words into the mix. Always repeating the same thing, just with more words. Eventually your child will be able to remember a substantial amount of what your recite to them.


3. Use different voices when repeating


This helps to add a bit of excitement into the mix, and it helps keep children hooked on what they need to be learning. It also associates memories with the various voices, which makes them easier to recall.


4. Erase the Phrase on a board


This is a fun little game. Writ4e the whole fact on a board, and then ask your child to repeat this fact. Once they have done it correctly, erase a word and ask them to repeat again. Keep going until all of the words on the board have been completely erased. Hopefully your child will be able to recite all of it.


5. Acronyms


You probably used this method to memorize facts when you were younger too. Basically, you take the first letter of everything. If children remember the first letter of everything, then it is likely that they will be able to remember the whole lot. This works for ordered lists mainly. If you are an adult trying to improve your memory, then this also works!


6. Practise Often!


If you don't review material that you have learned then it will end up disappearing. So try to review things as often as possible. Many experts suggest that the best time to review is before they go to sleep, there is something about sleep which helps to memory sink in much more effectively.


7. Acrostics


This is similar to an acronym, although this time you are going to be using the first letter of each word to make a funny sentence which is easy to remember. For example, and I used to use this acronym a lot, when I was younger I referred to the directions on the compass as Naughty Elephants Spray Water, Or North, East, South, West. This works particularly well with ordered lists.


8. Break it Up


If your child needs to remember things then split it down into manageable chunks. It makes everything much easier to learn. Once they have mastered the first concept, then you can build upon the knowledge that they have. This is a technique which gets used in schools quite often.


9. Use all of your child's senses


Remember, children learn in vastly different ways so don't forget to utilise all of their senses. They will be able to recall so much more than if they were fed information just by talking to them. Show them things, maybe get them moving about and doing things. Basically, just get them interacting with information in a variety of different ways, it helps!


10. Repetition


This may not be the most exciting way to remember, but it is particularly effective. Just keep reciting information over and over again. It makes it much easier to recall it in the future.


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