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Two methods of memorizing English word

learning English is not only to work hard on listening and speaking. Memorizing of word is also an important one. How to memorize words quickly and efficiently ? Native English tutor Wonderland introduces two methods of memorizing English words: the memorizing method with hand and heart exercise and the memorizing method of classification .

1. The memorizing method with hand and heart exercise. Hand exercise mentioned here refers to use pen writing in paper to enhance memory, including direct writing English words and taking notes; heart exercise refers to imagining the writing process of English words in mind. This English shorthand method can effectively improve memory.

Psychologists have found the memory effect by simply listening to or reading is not as good as listening to and reading . Similarly, hands writing when listening and reading will enhance memory. Writing is a skill that makes English words pop out automatically when writing achieves  proficiency .

 "heart exercise" can be effective in promoting memory. Through heart exercise  the structure of the English word emerge first in the minds , imagine how to write it,   if not successful, it means the practice is not enough. The advantage of the heart exercise is that it isn't limited to time and place ,so can save you much time in learning more knowledge.

2. The memorizing method of classification .This method classifies the English words to form a system ,such as according to the characteristic of word. Words can  bedivided into nouns, pronouns, verbs, and so on. Every part of characteristic is further classified by time, place, people, and social nature. The memorizing method of classification can help recognize the relationship between subject and object, so it is a fast and efficient method of memorizing English vocabulary.

Two methods of memorizing English words. The English teachers in Native English tutor Wonderland adopt above methods o create better English learning environment. 

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