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What are some simple things that parents can do or say to make children happy

Having a happy child is the dream of every parent out there. Sadly though, bringing up a happy child is much easier said than done. In this article I want to take a little look at a few ideas that you can put into practice to ensure that your child stays as happy as possible!


Firstly, happiness is infectious! If you are happy around your child, then it will most likely cheer them up, no matter how down they are feeling. I know it is impossible to be happy all of the time, but the more you can manage it, the better! If you are feeling a little low, then keep out the way of your children, you don't want it to rub off on them do you?


If your child is looking a little bit down, then talk to them. This will help immensely as children love to talk, especially about their problems. Make use of this time because once they hit their teenage years, they will stop talking so much to you! Let children open up about their problems, and talk to them about how they can solve it. You will want to teach them that it is OK to be sad sometimes, that is part of life! Never ignore the problem, it will make everything a little bit worse!


Praise your child ever so often! One of the main things which leads to an unhappy child is them not receiving the praise that they require. If they do something good, then tell them they have done a good job! Now, a problem that many parents face is that they want their child to do specific activities in their life, but the child doesn't want them too. I suggest that you let the child do exactly what they want, remember, they are their own person! If you let them take their own path in life, even at a young age then you will be doing them a massive service and of course they will end up far happier!


Give responsibilities to your child! Children absolutely love to be valued, so if they are feeling a little down, give them something to do. They will love that they are appreciated, and this of course is going to lead to a great deal of happiness. In fact, many people will end up forgetting about their problems, even if it is just for a short while!


Finally, take an interest in your child's life! As I mentioned previously, if they are feeling down, you will want to talk to them, but do it at other times too! Take the time to interact with your child, find out about their lives and much more! They will absolutely love it.


Of course, this is just a brief guide on how you can make your child happy. Remember though, every child is completely different. You will eventually work out what makes your child tick and the exact things you need to do to cheer them up. You will be surprised at just how easy once you know the right things to say.


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