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What are some typical qualities of a good English tutor

We have all had the problems where we have to deal with a teacher that we don’t like. Thankfully we don’t have to put up with that when we are looking for a private English teacher, it almost seems that we have the pick of a lot of people, I am sure that we will be able to find someone that we are able to get on with perfectly. The intention of this article is to give a brief guide to what you should be looking out for when you are looking to start English tuition in Hong Kong, HK.

Remember those teachers that you learned from the best? These are the ones that you formed the closest ‘bond’ with i.e. those that you felt willing to absorb all of the information that they wanted to share with you. Therefore when searching for an English tutor in Hong Kong, HK you will want to find somebody that you share that connection with, this may take a while but I can assure you that they are out there. You are aiming to find someone that shares the raw passion that makes you want to learn English, and in turn that passion and motivation will rub off on you and make you want to absorb as much new information as possible, which in turn will make the learning process that much easier.

A good English teacher will be one that speaks the language natively. I find that this is the most important quality in a private English tutor. When we are learning a language we want to speak it as perfectly as possible, and without learning from a native English teacher we will be picking up on minor parts of people’s accents which in turn will rub off onto ourselves. We may end up speaking English almost perfectly, but tiny bits of our accent will possibly end up holding us back. The other benefit of a native English tutor is the fact that it will be much easier for them to pick up on small errors in the way that we speak, which in turn will further improve our English. I find that non-native teachers are unable to pick up on the way that we speak in the same way, which in turn means that we are less likely to end up speaking English ‘perfectly’. In addition to this, quite often the best way learning a new language will involve learning more about the culture that surrounds a country, and what better way to learn this than through a private teacher.

A good English teacher will be able to adapt to your way of learning. Every single one of our minds works in a slightly different way, and we therefore have different ways of learning. A good teacher will turn around and say ‘hey this is the way you work best so let’s try it that way’ and thus their teaching technique will continually change until they find a style that works best.

Now that you know a few of the things to look for in a private English tutor in Hong Kong you can go out there and look for one, find the right teacher and you will be learning English rather quickly, find the wrong one and your language learning will be set back by a number of years.

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