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What is engaged,active and meaningful learning

Children in the early stages of their life are what is known as 'active' learners. This means that the majority of what they learn is picked up by their senses. This means using touch, taste, hearing, smell and movement in order to make sense of the world around them. This stage is often between the ages of three and eight. When it comes to learning in the classroom these children absolutely love to learn through experiments, play and even picture books. In short, they want to play with their senses in order to learn and they want to find the answers to the questions that they have by themselves, after all, this is how we are all born to learn.


Of course, not everything can be learned via these methods. As your child goes past this stage they quickly realize that there are a number of skills that other people have which they don't have. Of course, writing is going to be one of the top ones of these. However, they will still try to give it a go and you will find that your child is probably trying to write without any prompting from you.


So how are children able to learn so much without too much prompting? Well, child psychologists have suggested that it is down to children constructing the meaning of the world around them. This means that they learn new things every day and then add it to past experiences that they may have. This of course means that their knowledge changes based on these experiences, and each passing day they have a far greater understanding of how the world works around them. At this age the learning style of the child is going to be far different to their style later on in their life and there are special learning materials designed for this age in order to provide meaningful learning.


One of the most important things during this early childhood learning stage is establishing the particular learning style that makes the child thrive, and this means using a number of different learning styles to establish what is the most meaningful. At this age children are encouraged to interact with adults and other children in order to increase their learning capabilities, after all, all of these learning styles will start to mesh and your child will shape their own experiences, and this is going to provide education.


Of course, for the learning to be meaningful it needs to be a style which suits the child's age and their development rate. At this age it is through active learning, and thus most teachers will base activities around this. That means a lot of construction, play, drawing and even writing stories, all of which will work together to provide a meaningful learning environment for the child which they will then use to build up their learning for the future and of course capitalize on the learning opportunities available to them at that moment in time.

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