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What should be paid attention to in learning English for adult

What should be paid attention to in learning English for adult? Grammar and reading are seen as the most important points, especially for classmates who are facing of all kinds of tests . Grammar revision and reading proficiency should not be underestimated, but the ability of hearing and speaking also should be taken seriously .

The revision of the grammar should not be underestimated. Certain grammar ability is the basis of improving language skills. Not attaching importance to grammar teaching is bound to cause students’ mistakes in speaking English , or the language is not standardized. During the teaching, English teachers should reduce simple grammar examination and reduce the difficulty of grammar. Instead, English teachers should increase language environment and strengthen the examination of understanding and inferential capability in the language environment.

Developing reading ability has been a focus of adult English teaching. Reading and comprehension ability have been the subject of adult English test. Through improve reading comprehension, we can help students answer adult English reading comprehension questions successfully, and also contribute to answer other types of questions. By reading comprehension training, students can consolidate and strengthen the basic knowledge of English, can learn many kinds of English expression and skills . These things become the basis of the ability to express themselves in English

The adult English listening and speaking ability is a aspect that lot of people want to improve . In Native English tutor Wonderland, our English tutors do not just help you learn grammar and reading, but also increase the listening and speaking training, and  pay more attention to the practicality of the English. Native English tutor Wonderland English teacher adopt one-on-one method in pure English environment which can improve capabilities of hearing and listening more efficiently .

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