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What should parents do when their baby cries

If you are a parent of a new born then you have got a long ride ahead of you. For the next couple of years you will be waking up all times of the evening in order to tend to your babies crying, although of course you do this out of love so it shouldn’t be too much of a problem! There is one thing that many parents fail to understand though, and that is how should you respond to a baby’s crying? Let me explain a little about how to do this.

The first thing you should try to realise is why a baby is crying. Contrary to what most people think, crying isn’t actually natural for a baby. Put simply, it is a cry for attention; it is like a smoke alarm going off warning you that there is a fire in the house. If the child doesn’t get their attention, then they will simply become angry, and as some people have said ‘feel unloved’. This concept is evident in a few societies out there, the people that carry a child close to them at all times tend to their every need generally find that their child cries less. Thus it can be concluded that babies are simply crying out for their needs to be met.

Yet despite this, many people decide to ignore their children. This hasn’t been helped by the amount of literature that is released nowadays which suggest that you should let your baby cry for a while before you handle the situation, I suppose this is to ‘toughen them up’ or something similar. This is really not something you want to be doing.

Let’s go back to the concept that babies cry for their needs to be fulfilled for a while. All the time that you are ignoring your child’s ‘needs’ by letting them cry, they will get even more angry. It’s not like a baby is able to feed itself, change himself or even give himself the love that only a parent can give. Sure, a lot of sacrifices need to be made for a child, but you need to continue making these sacrifices. It’s it really fair for you to put your need to sleep ahead of a child’s need to eat?

It isn’t just about meeting needs though, research has consistently shown that children who are ‘left to cry’ or do not get the attention that they crave early on life generally grow  up to be angrier, perhaps because they didn’t feel they got the love they need. In addition to this, if you continue to ignore your child’s needs they may find that despairing over a situation is much better than waiting for the inevitable disappointment. It really is surprising that child can have these sorts of thoughts, and yet, they do.

In short, how should a baby respond to a baby’s crying? They should simply deal with the situation as soon as they can, that means dropping everything that they are doing. Remember, a baby is unable to understand whether you are busy or not!

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