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Why some children do not obey parents or teachers

If you are a parent or teacher, then you will know that often the children will completely disobey you, even if they are perfect the rest of the time. In order to solve the problem, it is important to know the various reasons as to why a child may disobey you. In this article I want to take a little look at a few of the most common reasons.


·         Some children are actually born with conditions that can affect their temperament. For example, irritability or hyperactivity. They may even suffer from conditions such as ADHD. It is important that you get a doctor's diagnosis if you believe this is the case

·         Even at a young age, children are striving to prove to people just how independent they are, and one of the best ways to do this is not to let other people control them, and that of course, disobeying whatever they say!

·         Often, there could be problems within the household which can affect the child. For example, some may be going through severe stress at home, or have to put up with their parents fighting a lot. Both of which can cause them to 'shut down' and start to not listen when people talk to them.

·         Perhaps one of the most common reasons with regards to why children are disobedient is the fact that they are simply copying other people. As we all know, children love copying other people, it is how they learn. Therefore if they see a friend, or even an adult acting in a certain way, they will strive to follow that example.

·         Poor quality relationships between the parent and child, or even the teacher and the child can lead to disobedience. Studies have shown that the less time spent with a child, the more likely they are to be disobedient. Therefore if you are parent, it is imperative that you spend as much quality time as possible with the child. It really will benefit the both of you!

·         Negative behaviours go unpunished, or often ignored. If the child is disobeying you, then they need to know that they are doing something wrong. If you don't let them know, things can quite easily get out hand, which is going to make everything a lot worse!

·         Letting the child get away with something if they say no! This is just letting them know that you are a 'push over' and you are encouraging their behaviour. This is a massive no.


These are just a few ideas on how and why children are disobedient. It isn't everything, but it is most certainly the most common of causes. I suggest that you read these and check whether the disobedient child falls into any of these categories. If they do, then you really need to change your behaviours and the way in which you act around them. Remember, the long the behaviours go unpunished, the longer the disobedience will continue, and if you don't make a change now, then there will quickly become a point in which the child is very hard to control.

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