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Why you should hire a Native English Tutor in Hong Kong

English is one of the most popular second languages in the world, it is spoken the world over and most countries make it a habit to teach it to their children from a young age. It is the language of international business, and because of that many people state that if you don’t know English then you will struggle to compete in the rather competitive business world. This is why many people hire an English tutor in Hong Kong every single day. The problem is that many of them in Hong Kong quite frankly aren’t that good, you will be learning English but not proper English. Let’s take a little look at why you should always hire a private English tutor that is native.

The first major reason is that I feel the only way to learn the intricacies of certain words are by learning from a native. When people hire a private English teacher that is a native of another country then you won’t actually be picking up the English style of speech but the style of speech of their own country. Think about it, imagine a person from another country speaking English, you will notice that their accent is totally different from that of a native Englishman. You don’t want to pick up this style of speech but you want to talk as much like an English person as possible. Therefore if possible try to make sure that your English tutor is a native Englishman, this will help you get that pronunciation absolutely spot on.

A native English teacher will also be able to pick up on errors in your speech with a great deal of ease. Everybody slips up when learning a new language, that’s a fact. I find that some tutors tend to miss many of the ‘minor’ errors of the way that you speak, for example a bit of a grammatical error or mispronunciation of a word, which of course makes all the difference between being a good English speaker and a great one. You want to be as great as possible of course, therefore you will want to choose a native English teacher who is able to pick up on these tiny errors.

Another reason why you should make sure your English teacher is native is down to the fact that one of the big goals of learning a new language isn’t just down to the way that you speak, but its down to learning about a whole new culture. I find one of the best things about hiring a private English tutor is the fact that they enable me to learn about an entire new culture. I find the understanding of a way that a different country works is vital to the learning process when trying to take in a new language, you will be learning not only how the language works but the way that it is utilised in everyday life. It really is hard to describe how much this can benefit you, but it honestly does.

As you can see, it is important that when learning English that you find a native speaker that offers English tutoring in Hong Kong, HK. You will be all the much better for it in the long run.

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