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Teaching children to respect others

Children love to imitate their elders. Modelling respect is the best way to get them to learn it. By creating a game of basics, instilling respect for others among children becomes fun, rather than a shaming incident. All it takes is imagination, fun and engagement.

Act it Out:

Enact an everyday scenario that a child encounters, regardless of his/her age. For instance, act out how the kid should respond when someone hands or passes a pencil, pen etc. Switch your roles with the child, and have them pass items to you thus helping them experience the pleasure of being appreciated for a small gesture first hand. Discuss the do’s and the don’ts using as much laughter and imagination as possible.

After the task is completed, reinforce your point by thanking the child for his/her co-operation and the respect shown. Ignore any untoward behaviour.

At a crowded waiting line, instil that is important to respect all, regardless of age, creed or situation. Make a game of spotting and counting the number of times someone behaves politely. Have the child point respectful behaviour in a subtle manner like tapping your legs every time the child hears a ‘please’ or a ‘thank you’. Other clues can also be incorporated accordingly.

Dividing tasks to children (like, have one child keep track of the p’s and the q’s  while the other counts the number of times someone opened the door for someone, or pulled out a chair or helped someone out). This avoids rivalry among children and gives them a good opportunity to note respectful behaviour around them.

Share Special Meals Together to Inculcate Table Manners

Table Manners are essential but they are tough to master without proper practice. Prepare your children to sit well and do you proud at a proper dinner by having special meals with all the trimmings on special days. Watch them behave well and gently correct them, all the while leading by example. Start on a simple scale, with the basics, like the spoon, the knife, the fork and the napkins; build as time goes by and the child learns well.

Using a piece of Candy

Candy or Jelly Beans can be used symbolically to drive the point home. Carry some in your pocket on your way to an event. Then right at the gates of the venue, tell your child that the candy or the jelly bean symbolized their manners, and have them eat candy or the jelly bean. After the child has swallowed, let them know that they simply must behave beautifully as they ate their manners.

These methods are simple yet effective. As all of them focus around interactive tasks, rather than preaching, the children learn them that much faster.

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