About Us

We were founded by a team of highly experienced English tutors and teachers in Hong Kong almost 15 years ago.  

We are a dedicated private tutor agency, serving both our clients and our native teachers. 

Our clients range in age from infants to adults. Our tutors guide youngsters through kindergarten, primary school, and secondary school. They mentor college and university students. They provide a complete range of English support to professional and entrepreneurial adults. 

Talk to us today no matter you need face to face teaching, or online teaching, or document help .


本公司由香港一班資深英語老師創辦, 創辦的理由 在於我們在教育界看到很多不專業的英語老師 充斥香港,學生付出了學費,時間,卻得不到良好的教導,對此我們痛心疾首。我們只介紹最優秀的教師, 最有熱誠的教師。請加我們微信/whatsapp 詳談 +85295121363