About Us

Blessed by the LORD, Online Class Tutor Center was founded by local English teachers in Hong Kong in 2006. Click here for our Chinese tutor platform.

We focus on searching the best English tutor, Madarin tutor, Putonghua tutor, French tutor, German tutor, Spanish tutor, Italian tutor, Japanese tutor, Korean tutor and other language tutors.

We will continue to offer our quality private tutor agency service to our clients and our native teachers in the days ahead. And we are deeply grateful for your support and referrals all along.


外籍老師 天地由資深教師成立於2006年,多年來專業用心為您甄選最優秀的普通話老師,外籍英文老師,日文老師,韓文老師, 法文老師, 德文老師,西班牙文老師,意大文老師及其它西人老師。 我們的優勢在於

  1. 龐大的外籍老師群。我們已累積超過10000個外籍老師的資料,現在逾6000個的登記外籍老師只是小一部份。
  2. 我們都曾經教書, 對老師這專業比較了解,我們只會把最好的外籍老師介紹給我們的客人。

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