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    General English English conversation
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    Sheung Shui
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    Public Place , Tutor's Home
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    1 lesson a week
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    1 hour and 30 minutes
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11 March 2016

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    • Sunday
  • Remarks:
    Our client is looking for a Native English tutor

    Client message:

    'I am 23 years old. In Hong Kong, we started to learn English when we are 3 years old. Over those years, I still cannot speak fluent English to express what I really want to say. When I face to foreigners, I am not confident to talk with them because I don't want to say anything what is wrong pronounced or wrong grammar or it just sound wrong. This makes me depressed.
    For my job, sometimes I have to contact with foreign suppliers in email or on phone. Before send out an email, I always use lots of time on check the grammar, the sentences on google. I google if native speakers use the sentences/words. Is it sound normal? I hope my manager will never know that. Although the suppliers and I can understand what each other means, I want to be better that not only use simple words and spend less time on checking on google and dictionaries. I want to able to speak English fluently as I speak Cantonese. I think I am lack of confidence but sometimes willing to face to the challenges. I want to improve myself and make my life a bit different. I watched a talk on TED (for learning English),someone said "tiny tweaks can lead to big changes". I remember it because I believe in this. I try to type this passage without dictionaries, so that you can assess my level.
    I wish the tutor can correct any English mistakes I made such as pronunciation. And I want to talk in English fluently, not only business English, but also normal conversation.
    I live in Sheung Shui, but I can go some other places in KLN/HK island. I prefer have the tutorial on Saturday/Sunday. However, if the tutor who is suitable for me, is only available on Mon-Fri, I can have the tutorial after work but I prefer the place is not far from my work or my home."

    Time available for tutoring :
    -after 7:00pm ( Mon- Fri)
    -anytime ( Sat / Sun)

    Frequency: 1 lesson a week
    Length of lesson: 1.5 hr(s) (HK$450-525 per lesson)
    Hourly rate: HK$300-350/hr

    Tutoring location: Sheung Shui / Kwai Fong area

    The client is working in Kwai Fong ( Mon- Fri) and lives in Sheung Shui

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