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    General English Writing
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    To Kwa Wan
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    Client's Home
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    1 lesson a week
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    1 hour and 15 minutes
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11 March 2016

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    • Sunday
  • Remarks:
    Our client is looking for Native English tutor to teach her 7 year old girl. Tutor mainly helps the student writing and reading.

    Client message:

    "Age : 7 years old
    Grade: P1 and P5
    School type : Traditional local schools

    I prefer the Net teacher can offer more trainning on creative writing to Olivia, my P1 daughter. As she loves to read English book, I hope the English teacher can recommend some books for her to read and incorporate the writing task with reading scheme.

    She can write about 200 words story by herself. She can speak English quite well as she went to Malaysia to study for last academic year with the whole family. I will appreciate if you allow her sister, Miriam, join the tuition occasionally just for chatting. "

    Time available for tutoring :
    -4:30pm-7:00pm ( Tue)
    -after 6:00pm ( Sat)

    Frequency: 1 lesson a week
    Length of lesson: 1 hr and 15 mins (HK$437.5 per lesson)
    Hourly rate: HK$350/hr

    Tutoring location: Farm Road, To Kwa Wan ( 10-15 mins by minibus from Mong Kok , Hung Hom, Jordan)

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